Northside Hospital Cancer Institute

Measuring the Success and Impact of a Campaign


In early 2018, Northside Hospital Cancer Institute (NHCI) and its partner, Blue Sky Agency, launched the first dedicated marketing campaign focused on building the NHCI brand. As part of this process, NHCI wanted a way to measure the impact of the success on growing awareness of and generating associations with the brand among both consumers and physicians.


Babbage fielded a benchmark study among residents of NHCI’s service footprint and physicians in the Atlanta metropolitan area and has continued to field a tracking study to measure the progress and impact of the campaign on key brand metrics, as well as takeaways from the campaign. The studies have provided NHCI and Blue Sky with insights that have allowed them to fine-tune messaging and emphasize specific points of communication critical to both audiences.


NHCI has seen consistent improvement in awareness of its brand and more importantly, as a result of the research has been able to successfully shift and refine key messaging points over the course of the campaign to highlight its core strengths. This has resulted in material improvement in how the brand is positioned with both audiences and allowed for the quantification of the campaign’s success.

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