Frequently Asked Questions  

Who is Alexander Babbage? 

Alexander Babbage is a prominent consulting firm that specializes in providing valuable insights for destinations across the United States and Canada. Our diverse clientele includes major public REITs, renowned museums, theaters, cultural attractions, financial institutions, sporting venues, and more. 

What is TruTrade™? 

TruTrade™ is our cutting-edge SaaS platform that empowers our clients with powerful insights about physical places. Using anonymized mobile device data, TruTrade™ offers reliable and valuable information about visitor demographics, their origins, behaviors, and other crucial metrics. This valuable tool helps our clients make informed decisions in marketing, development, investments, and other critical areas. 

What is Babbage Spend? 

Babbage Spend is another innovative platform we offer, providing clients with insightful data on actual consumer spending and return behavior, both for physical and online stores. Utilizing anonymized bank and credit card spending transactions, Babbage Spend offers meaningful insights into actual consumer behavior, helping our clients gain a deeper understanding of their markets. 

Do you have international data? 

Currently, our mobile analytics cover the United States and Canada, while Babbage Spend data is available for the United States only. 

How far back does your data go? 

Our data goes back to 2019 for both mobile analytics and Babbage Spend, providing historical context for our clients’ analysis and decision-making. 

How can I be sure the data is anonymized, and you aren’t tracking me as an individual? 

We take data privacy and security seriously. Our data is sourced from reliable vendors who adhere to strict privacy regulations and policies, complying with all state, federal, and international laws, including CCPA and GDPR. All data is received in aggregated formats, ensuring complete anonymity and preventing the identification of any specific individual. 

What level of granularity can you provide with the data? 

Our TruTrade mobile analytics data can be provided at the ZIP code or Census Block Group (CBG) level. The CBG data offers a balance between granularity and anonymity, allowing our clients to gain meaningful insights without compromising individual privacy. 

For Babbage Spend data, we can provide information at the ZIP code level. This includes data on consumer spending patterns within a ZIP code, as well as specific store-level spending. 

I’m a journalist. Can you help me with my upcoming story? 

Certainly! We would be delighted to assist with your stories. Please reach out to and provide details such as your publication’s name, deadline, a brief description of the story you are working on, and the specific data or analytics you need. If possible, include any specific comments or quotes you may require. Our team will promptly get in touch, and if we can help, we will gladly provide the requested data and insights.