TruInsight™ Customer Behavior Analytics

Get the true story behind what drives your customers with powerful data analytics, customized psychographics and expert insights to create better plans for what’s next.

TruInsight™ Customer Profiling Analytics

Our customer behavior analytics software approaches customer profiling strategically to help you make the most of your investment.

Identify Customers Who Physically Visit Your Location and Competitors

Using our industry-leading mobile-location analytics, visitors to your location are assigned a unique identifier matched to their device and Mobile Ad ID (MAID).

Measure Visitor Engagement

Across all major blogging and public messaging networks, you can quickly analyze positive online attitudes surrounding your brand.

Curate and Visualize Interests Online

Across 4,000 consumer brands, 400 interests, and 10,000 media properties, the TruInsight™ application curates a customer profile and helps you visualize customer behavior easier than ever.

Compare Your Customer Behaviors to the U.S. Population

With the TruInsight™ application, you can benchmark your customer profiles against those of U.S. consumers. Compare based on interests, engagements, and much more to determine how to best motivate and connect with your target audience.

Customer Analytics Consulting

With the TruInsight™ application you get access to industry-leading data and dashboards, and you also have the experts at Babbage ready to assist with data wrangling, analysis, strategy, and storytelling.

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We know that customer analytics and behavior can be difficult, time-consuming, and seemingly endless. With the TruInsight™ application, you don’t only get access to industry-leading data and dashboards, you have the experts at Babbage ready to assist you with analysis, strategy, and storytelling.