Financial Services Agency

Private Label TruTrade


A leading experience design agency for financial institutions saw the need for advanced analytics to identify who was visiting bank branches, who saw the digital signage, and who might be influenced by a branch when considering a change of financial institution.



Babbage initially used TruTrade to inform local branch investments including using the branch as digital media, along with which branches to open/close/change formats for. With the ability to study the complexity of geographics, demographics, mobile movement data, and digital personas, the agency was able to use data to expand business.



Following successful client implementations, Babbage created a private label version of TruTrade branded specifically for the agency. The design architecture of TruTrade allows for exclusive features to be quickly added, enabling the agency to be responsive to client needs. Customer Lifetime Value has increased as a result.

Case Studies

Ascend Federal Credit Union

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Unify Financial Credit Union

Exploring the Equity in a Name and Brand

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GTE Financial

Using Research for Brand Investigation


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