The Alexander Babbage Team

Haley Gibbs


Haley embarked on her academic journey at Georgia College and State University, where she excelled in earning her Bachelor of Science in Psychology, graduating as Valedictorian. It was during her time there that she discovered her passion for research and consumer behavior, immersing herself in various projects at a research lab. Now, she’s set to resume her studies at Arizona State University, pursuing her Masters of Science in Positive Psychology online.

With three years of experience at Babbage under her belt, Haley has become known for delivering exceptional consulting services to a diverse range of destinations and cultural attractions, including museums, botanical gardens, shopping centers, and financial institutions. She is dedicated to providing quality work, ensuring that each client receives personalized, white-glove treatment tailored to their unique needs.

Outside of work, Haley is an avid horror movie enthusiast, relishing a good scare, especially on rainy days. She also enjoys diving into Nancy Drew PC games, where she indulges her passion for detective work with infectious enthusiasm and curiosity. Whether she’s unraveling research mysteries or embarking on thrilling adventures, Haley’s zest for the intriguing knows no bounds.