Alliance Theatre

Custom Audience Targeting Through Advance Analytics


The Alliance Theatre, a prominent Atlanta-based company, aimed innovative approaches to attract new patrons, enhance ticket sales, and elevate season subscriber renewals. 



To achieve this, we conducted a comprehensive online survey within Alliance Theatre’s database. This process provided crucial insights to enhance member and non-member satisfaction, providing a roadmap for optimized marketing. Leveraging TruTrade, we identified similar venues, creating a custom audience of Mobile Ad IDs. 

Guided by survey results, Alliance Theatre crafted tailored messages, reaching the curated audience through a Digital Marketing Platform. 



Results spoke volumes:

  • 10% surge in new site visitors. 
  • Lifetime campaign average Click-through rate (CTR): 0.65%
  • Unique device ID audience CTR: 6%
  • Re-marketing CTR: 1.15%

Alexander Babbage’s data-driven approach positioned Alliance Theatre for sustained profitability and heightened audience engagement. 

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