The Woodruff Arts Center

Using Data to Change Legislation, Save on Taxes and Secure Donations


The Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta initiated a $110M Transformation Campaign, constructing a new $32M state-of-the-art theater. Facing nearly a million dollars in sales tax on building materials, the non-profit sought legislation for a tax exemption. Situated in Midtown Atlanta, garnering support from legislators in rural Georgia posed challenges due to the perception of benefiting the “big city.” 



In a strategic move, The Woodruff Arts Center enlisted Alexander Babbage for a data-backed analysis to fuel their legislative push. Utilizing TruTrade, Babbage compellingly demonstrated that residents from over 90% of Georgia’s counties had visited The Woodruff within the last 12 months. The findings were presented through impactful visual aids, maps, and data, reinforcing the strength of their case.



Georgia Legislature, recognizing the positive impact on constituents, passed House Bill 265, exempting the Woodruff Arts Center from sales tax on Alliance Theatre renovations, vital for budget adherence. 

Accelerate success like The Woodruff Arts Center did. Harness TruTrade to unveil opportunities, break barriers, and drive transformative outcomes for your initiatives. 

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