Another Broken Egg Cafe

Who Are We and What Do We Stand For?


Another Broken Egg Café was uncertain of what their brand stood for, who their guest was and what elements of the dining experience were strengths or areas to fix.



Alexander Babbage conducted in-depth, one-on-one interviews with diners and conducted a study among members of Another Broken Egg’s database. The analysis focused on defining the brand’s strength, key drivers of the guest experience and differences by geography in terms of guest profile and experience.



Another Broken Egg received a deep profile of who is visiting its stores, why they are coming and what their experience is. The research helped identify specific geographies where the guest experience could be improved by focusing on improving service and wait times. Further, Another Broken Egg now has a clear understanding of what its brand identity is and which elements of that identity should be leveraged going forward. They also were able to leverage the research into communications for potential franchisees.

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