Flip Burger Boutique

Defining the Customer and Drivers of Loyalty


FLIP Burger Boutique, under the tutelage of creative director and winner of Bravo’s Top Chef, Richard Blais, is a pioneer in the “better burger” category providing its diners a “unique culinary experience on a bun.” FLIP had two stores and needed to understand what was driving success at each location. The locations differed greatly in guest profiles and liquor purchasing contribution.



Alexander Babbage studied sales data, surveyed the FLIP loyalty club members online and conducted guest intercept surveys. The market research identified revenue concentration by customer type and the drivers of loyalty.



The market research allowed FLIP to quantify what changes to make at each restaurant to drive sales, focus on the largest revenue clusters to increase profitability, and identify the make-up of the guest to help pinpoint areas for new locations to open. FLIP is now operating in three markets and growing nationally.

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