Revitalizing The Ride

Navigating Audience Shifts Post-Covid with Strategic Insights


After a 19-month hiatus due to COVID restrictions, THE RIDE, a unique theatrical experience navigating New York’s streets, returned in November 2021. The focus shifted to identifying the new audience, understanding shifts in consumer behavior, and formulating strategies for revenue growth.


Alexander Babbage conducted an in-depth analysis of ticket buyers for 2019, Holiday 2019, and 2021. Leveraging TruInsight and email addresses from the ticketing system, THE RIDE gained detailed insights into buyer profiles, including demographics, geographic locations, and online engagement. Babbage’s analysis effectively quantified shifts in consumer behavior since 2019, providing valuable data for strategic decision-making.


The 2022 campaign benefited significantly from the insights derived from the report and TruInsight dashboard tools. By pinpointing distinct customer journey clusters like “planners” and “spur-of-the-moment” audiences, we streamlined messaging and enhanced consumer targeting. This analysis also guided decisions on pricing strategies and identified the most effective outreach channels for engaging consumer groups.

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