The Ride

Quantifying Audience Changes Post-COVID


THE RIDE is an uproarious one-of-a-kind theatrical adventure where the streets of New York are the stage and the guests have front row seats in a custom-built, traveling theater. After being dark for 19-months due to COVID restrictions, THE RIDE welcomed back new audiences in November 2021 and wanted to know who were they, how had consumer behavior changed, and what should be done to grow revenues?


Alexander Babbage analyzed ticket buying audiences for 2019, Holiday 2019, and Holiday 2021. Using just the email addresses from their ticketing system we employed TruInsight to profile their ticket buyers. This allowed THE RIDE to know who their ticket buyers are demographically, where they live, and what they are engaging in online. Babbage was able to quantify consumer changes since 2019.


The resulting report and supporting TruInsight dashboard tools were used to plan the 2022 campaign, improve messaging, and target consumers more efficiently. Our deep-dive into ticket buying behaviors identified key customer journey clusters including “planners” and “spur of the moment” audiences, how to price and where to reach them.

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