Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Giving Guidance on Providing an Exceptional Holiday Experience


The Atlanta Botanical Garden launched Garden Lights in 2011. Their objective was to create the holiday tradition in Atlanta. To achieve this, they needed to understand the visitor, the lapsed visitor, and the non-visitor. Who was coming? What was their experience? How did they find out about Garden Lights? What should be done to drive NPS? How can revenues increase each year?



Alexander Babbage has used a broad range of tools including TruTrade, detailed ticket sales analytics, intercept, and online research. By conducting research each year, the client can measure the impact of investments in the experience and focus on geographic areas of opportunity to drive attendance.



Through this research, Atlanta Botanical Garden has identified key drivers of experience, increased revenues, balanced attendance and delivered a compelling experience. This has resulted in healthy attendance growth and has established Garden Lights as the biggest holiday tradition in the city.

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