Exploring Oakland’s Rich Heritage

Strategic Audience Engagement Initiatives at the Museum of California


As the Oakland Museum of California transitioned independently from the City of Oakland, a strategic assessment ensued. This pivotal moment aimed at aligning stakeholders, defining a shared vision, and developing growth strategies for increased revenues.



After an extensive RFP process, the selection of Alexander Babbage brought diverse expertise to the Oakland Museum of California. Our comprehensive analysis, integrating primary and secondary research, was instrumental in:

a) Identifying the current primary consumer audience

b) Prioritizing the key audience for development

c) Crafting tailored messaging strategies to boost OMCA’s engagement, participation, and donations



Alexander Babbage’s collaborative expertise empowered the Oakland Museum of California to achieve unified agreement among the board, CEO, and staff. This precision in targeting specific audiences and optimizing resource allocation swiftly turned discussions into impactful actions, resulting in significant boosts in both earned revenues and attendance. This underscores the invaluable contribution of Alexander Babbage’s insight.



Learn more about why Alexander Babbage made a difference in OMCA’s success.

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