The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

Gaining Deeper Understanding of Who is Attending Your Event


The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) hosts America’s largest and longest-running horticultural event each year– the Philadelphia Flower Show. The Flower Show is a strong contributor to the local economy by attracting visitors from all around the country and the world.



Wanting to gain deeper understanding of these attendees, PHS engaged Alexander Babbage to consult on incorporating best practices into their existing visitor research. We worked with PHS to update and improve their existing questionnaire and analyze the resulting survey data with a focus on how it impacted the strategic direction of the show for the future.



Our analysis resulted in several key insights and initiatives which will have an immediate impact on future shows:

    • After focusing initially on an older audience who represented advanced and intermediate gardeners, PHS will now be focusing on attracting a younger audience to build for the future.
    • Crowd levels represented a source of frustration for attendees and were identified as an immediate focus.
    • PHS is considering restructuring its pricing to help manage crowd levels and impact revenue goals.

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