Filoli’s Remarkable Leap

Achieving 100% Surge in Event Attendance within 12 Months!


Located just a quick 45-minute drive from San Francisco, Filoli, an enchanting historical property and garden, set out to elevate its holiday event attendance. The goal was to weave a seamless blend of history and natural beauty into an unforgettable experience, enticing both loyal patrons and newcomers to revel in the festive celebrations.

In pursuit of data-driven insights, Filoli needed to understand its’ visitors better.



Utilizing TruTrade, we identified individuals who had attended past Filoli events and those participating in various other Bay Area festivities. By analyzing their situation in comparison to competitors, we pinpointed opportunities to enhance visitation in specific ZIP codes and among distinct demographic groups.

Complemented by a comprehensive market study that focused on Bay Area arts enthusiasts, we measured key brand metrics including awareness, visit frequency, and preferences.

Equipped with these valuable insights, Filoli tailored creative strategies and launched a 4-week digital campaign. The outcome was a strategic approach that not only maximized business results but also fostered increased engagement with their target audience.



The Filoli holiday event achieved an outstanding 100% increase in attendance, showcasing a remarkable accomplishment. This success prompted Filoli to continue utilizing TruTrade to identify new target audiences for future events.

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