Double Event Attendance in One Year


Filoli is a historical property and garden 45-minutes outside of San Francisco. Filoli wanted to grow holiday event attendance and recognized a need to know more about its visitors to enable data-driven decisions to attract new visitors, specifically for their annual holiday event.



Utilizing TruTrade we identified who had previously visited the Filoli holiday event and who had visited other Bay area holiday events. By comparing their current situation with their competitors, we discovered opportunities to increase visitation within specific geographic areas and with specific demographic profiles.

We supplemented the research with a market study to arts-inclined individuals in the Bay area to quantify key brand metrics, including awareness, frequency and recency of visitation, preferences, etc.

Filoli developed creatives using the insights from the research and deployed a 4-week targeted digital campaign to the custom audiences identified in TruTrade.



The Filoli holiday event saw a 100% increase in attendance. Filoli went on to use TruTrade to identify new target audiences for future events.

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