Coastal Shopping Center Owner

Leveraging TruTrade Insights for Digital Marketing Campaigns


Our client’s center – and the surrounding area – was threatened by four significant storms. The area in immediate proximity to our client’s center was impacted by major flooding and mudslides which caused road closures and power outages.


TruTrade provided our client with their actual trade area down to the block group level – who is coming to their center, who is not coming and who is going to competitors. The data provided them and continues to provide them with insights that can be used for marketing, leasing and development.


Our client leveraged their TruTrade data and the regular updates on their dashboard, to inform an impromptu post-storm digital media campaign to residents of the surrounding area to announce that the center was open for business! Prior to the storms, they had used TruTrade to track the center’s penetration into specifically desirable ZIP Codes and block groups. When the storm hit, they not only knew exactly who they wanted to target – but they were also able to track their increased penetration into these areas post-campaign. The client continues to use TruTrade to strategically plan their communications program and to track their penetration on a block group and ZIP Code basis.

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