Re-Imagining a Historic Center

Harnessing the Power of TruTrade to Re-Imagine a Historic Property


Our client was embarking on a significant renovation and re-leasing plan of a grand, historic property. Actionable insights were needed to make informed decisions – and to tell the strongest possible story as they re-leased the project. The client’s goal was to reimagine the space without reinventing the space.


Through the implementation of TruTrade, our client gained empirical knowledge of the competitive landscape and the market opportunity for the project. This knowledge allowed them to quantify the future potential trade area and to craft a data-driven approach to target key retail and restaurant uses for the project. Using the insights gained from TruTrade, the Alexander Babbage team supported the client’s efforts by creating custom leasing presentations for “bell cow” retailers.


The compelling leasing packages backed by empirical TruTrade data, supported our client who was able to successfully lease the project which opened 100% occupied.

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