Naples Botanical Garden

Launching a Garden for All


Naples Botanical Garden was in need of insights into who its visitors were, where they were coming from, and where else the Garden could focus its marketing efforts to attract new visitors. With a strong focus on bouncing back strong after a three-month closure for COVID, the Garden wanted to find ways to attract members of nearby communities and implemented several initiatives designed to appeal to them. As a result, the Garden needed to be able to quantify whether its efforts were successful in increasing its appeal and inclusivity.


Our TruTrade platform was used to provide the Garden with a comprehensive demographic and geographic profile of who visited prior to the launch of its Garden for All initiative and who visited after the campaign was launched. Babbage also provided an analysis of the visitor profile to the Garden after the implementation of its community appreciation campaign. TruTrade allowed the Garden to understand critical visitation metrics from the past – something traditional research would never be able to provide.


Our analysis quantified the success of the Garden’s initiatives – allowing it to demonstrate that it had successfully shifted visitor demographics to be younger and more racially/ethnically diverse. It was also able to see which specific geographies had been impacted in terms of increased visitation. This data was used by the Garden in a 2021 presentation to the American Public Gardens Association, which highlighted the success of Naples Botanical Garden in creating increased connection to the communities it serves.

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