Naples Botanical Garden

Cultivating Inclusivity: A Garden for All


Naples Botanical Garden aimed to enhance its understanding of visitors—identifying who was visiting and where they live to implement an effective marketing strategy for a robust post-COVID rebound. Following a three-month closure, the garden focus shifted to attracting local communities through targeted initiatives.


Using our TruTrade platform, we delivered a detailed demographic and geographic analysis for Naples Botanical Garden, comparing visitor profiles before and after the “Garden for All” initiative. Additionally, Babbage performed a thorough visitor profile analysis. TruTrade provided crucial metrics, surpassing what traditional research methods could offer.


Our analysis definitively measured the success of Garden’s initiatives. It showcased a notable shift towards a younger, more diverse demographic and identified specific geographies with increased visitation. This valuable data formed the basis of Naples Botanical Garden’s presentation to the American Public Gardens Assocation, highlighting the Garden’s success in fostering stronger connections with its communities.


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