Amplifying Saint Louis Art Museum’s Online Impact

Through Targeted Mobile Ad IDs for Custom Audience


Saint Louis Art Museum (SLAM) aimed to boost impressions and click-through rates in its digital ad campaigns. The “Visit Virtually” campaign was launched to encourage online visits during the COVID-19 closure. 


TruTrade® provides SLAM with visitor insights—identifying arrivals, non-visitors, and competitor interest. To address the challenge of marketing to open-access visitors, Alexander Babbage developed a custom Mobile Ad ID audience in the last 12 months. Shared with SLAM’s agency, it fueled a parallel AB test campaign on their Digital Marketing Platform. 


The audience cultivated from past visitors not only surpassed the current campaign by an impressive 32%, but this success was further amplified by TruTrade’s valuable insights. Additionally, it played a pivotal role in strengthening the museum’s brand among patrons, particularly during a period when in-person visits were not possible.



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